jeudi 2 décembre 2010

Press release 02/12/2010 / Eric Dumonpierre

Press release 02/12/2010 / Eric Dumonpierre

Our CEO, Eric Dumonpiere, held a press conference a few days ago in Mabhuti. Some NGOS, which were not present at the conference, have launched bad and false accusations about our commitment there. They have tried to turn aside the meanings of Eric Dumonpierre words. As he said, we are sorry because of the work rate increased that our employees faced a few weeks ago. If Health versus Profit think that we should not have apologized, we do not share their opinion. But we did not apologized because we are guilty of anything wrong. We won’t apologize because our firm works well and create work in a country like Mabhuti. We are proud to help the country to get developped and to give work, with good infrastructures and better paid, to the Mabhutians.
Regarding the accusations of the same NGO against the Berden Academy, we invite them to go to Mabhuti and to discover by themselves the work we have done. The new buildings of the Berden Academy will open in less than one week and we are very happy with it. The Berden Academy is the opportunity for children to get a good education with some independant and high-qualified teachers. As we know, because of our deep interest in Mabhuti, the schools there are mostly private and a lot of children cannot go to school because of the fees. The Berden Academy is free and is very well-equiped in furniture and all the tools necessary to learn. The aim of the Berden Academy is not to educate children in order to make them work in the Laboratories Berden but to help them to improve their standard of lives. If they want to work with us, we proudly say that we hope that in a few years, Mabhutians will manage the Laboratories Berden factories.
Anticap, which is an obscure and unknown association, says that we are taking advantage of the fact that the European medias cannot verify our work in Mabhuti. I think they under-estimate the work of the reporters ! Many of them do not hesitate to fly for their investigations ! Moreover, we let them know that a lot of foreign reporters attended the press conference held by our CEO.
If Mabhuti helps us thanks to a lower tax on the companies, we are proud to say that through the deep and sincer commitment of Eric Dumonpierre, we have done a very good work there and that we will not stop because of some NGOs that don’t even go on the fiel to check their allegations. I would like to recall that NGOS are invited and more than welcome if they want to participate. Come and see the inauguration of the Berden Academy, we ensure you that you will be convinced !

mercredi 1 décembre 2010

Right hand man of Eric Dumonpierre, Communication DIrector does declarations

lundi 29 novembre 2010

A reaction against unfair accusation

Recently, some people have made serious accusations against the Laboratoires Berden and my way of running the company. A NGO called Health versus Profit has claimed that fifteen year old girls have been working for us in our new factories in Mabhuti and taht our employees have been working about 60 hours a week. I think it is necessary to clarify the situation as so many people have put their faith in the Laboratoires Berden.

First of all, I can ensure you that if fifteen yearl old girls work for us, their status is very special and that we take care that they don’t work more than 15hours a week for us. The rest of the time they go to school thanks to the Berden Academy taht delivers a good education and help them to get more independant in the future. Their work allow them to help their families that are often in a very difficult situtation as Mabhuti is one of the poorest countries in the world. My deep belief is that by moving our factories in Mabhuti, we have a strong role to play in the development of the country. If satisfying our client in Occident is important, helping our employees in Mabhuti matters as well.

Regarding the accusation of a sixty hours work for certain employees, we confess that we have been in a rush lately and that our employees have had to work more than usually but sixty hours a week is certainly not true. We have asked our employees to work extra hours but it was not mandatory but based on a voluntary process and of course, the extra hours have been paid more.
Moreover, I am happy to inform you that thanks to the succes of our products, we have been able to hire 1 000 new employees. It means that more people are going o see their wa of living increasing as average wages in the Laboratoires Berden are higher than in any other firms in Mabhuti.

Once again, I am sincerely disappointed by these accusations whereas I’ve tried all over my life to help my fellow being.


As you may know, I’ve just received the famous CSR prize given by Corporate and Environment Magazine. It’s a great pleasure and with sincer feelings that I have learnt my nomination to that prize. It is always a great joy to see that my job, and more widely, the job of all those who participate to my company, has been recognized. Our commitment to Mabhuti and to the Berden Academy is very important to us ans knowing that people outside the firm share our point of view is one of the highest pleasures.
I hope that thanks to this prize, some people will discover our firm or rediscover it and help us to create a new kind of business or to help us developping the one we are in charge of.
This prize rewards many years of work and gives us hope for the next years. This prize means as well that making business as people used to do it, that is to say with no regards towards the employees or to the local people we work with, is no longer possible.
A company is no longer only about making money but also about helping people, sharing ourl ives with our employees and help all of them to succeed in their lives. Companies have definitely a role to play in the society.
So once again, thank you so much for this reward that pushes me to my best and to keep going.

jeudi 25 novembre 2010

Gremleen berden lab

In 2 weeks, we'll be opening our Graleen Berden Lab !

You'll find all the informations by clicking on the link under: